Take Screen Shot on HTC One X/XL - Print screen For HTC One X /XL

Taking screen shot on your HTC One X/ XL -

How to Take Screen Shot on HTC One X /XL

Taking a screen shot on your computer is very common & easy but sometimes you may wan't to capture a screenshot of your phone: for ex. the HTC One X . HTC One X is one of the best android phones which were launched in year 2012 & another rival of legendary Samsung galaxy S3.

Want to capture & share screen shot of high score or it can be your facebook status. Have any interesting thing  to share ? Screen shots is great share things for others to convey information.

Take a Screen shot on HTC One X / XL

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Capture Screen shot on HTC One X / XL

There are 2 ways to take screen shots, first way is to use any of the free app available on android market.

1. Use and android APP
2. Use default settings

HTC One X now  comes with ICS: Ice Cream Sandwich which features default print screen feature.

Steps to take Screen Shot of HTC One X / XL

1. Press the power button.

2. Now immediately press the home button which is a center key .

3. Image will be stored in default image folder.
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Best android Mobile Phone in 10k to 15k Rupees - $200 to $250

Best android Mobile Phone in 10k to 15k Rupees - $200 to $300

Android phones having prices 10,000 RS( $200) to 15,000 Rs. ( $300) are selling like hot cakes. This price range has lot of android mobile phones & includes some of the most searched phones. This segment is for Budget buyers who are looking for premium features in low cost.
buy mobile phone price 10k to 15k 200-300 usd
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New iBerry auxus Ax03- Unboxing & hands on User Review

iBerry auxus Ax03 Hands on - Unboxing & User review

iBerry's previous tab auxus Ax02 was a worth buying android  tablet & iberry proved itself again with a latest auxus Ax03 tablet. iberry launched the android tablet auxus Ax03 on 19th July with price tag of Rs.9,990 & withing few day they had to close pre booking.

In this auxus Ax03 hands on unboxing review, we will  cover the technical specs & features of the iberry  auxus Ax03. iBerry auxus Ax03. It is certainly worth of every penny you pay.


Outer body is looks fabulous & i have to say that  auxus Ax03 has got great built quality. It's white backside looks classy with iberry logo on it. On the Front side, auxus Ax03 has balck frame with feather touch keys. Sides of Auxus Ax03 features Mini HDMI, MicroSD slot, Mini USB Port, 3.5mm jack & power on/off keys.


It has got 7.0" LCD capacitive display screen. If you were ever annoyed with bad response of cheap android tabs, Ax03 will surprise you for sure. iBerry auxus Ax03's  display is really very responsive & first impression of the tab is really great. 

It has 800x480 display screen resolution. The display is above average but you can expect the quality of ipad or Samsung tab. Other features impressed me so much that i can ignore the average display of auxus.


A good tablet needs a good hardware support & iBerry auxus Ax03 is loaded with 1.0 GHz ARM Cortex A8. It uses GPU  Mali-400 OpenGL 2.0 & Full HD Video processing unit is another beneficial add on.

OS & Apps

Bundles with ICS - Ice Cream Sandwich, iBerry auxus Ax03 is cool gadget to own. I did notice some lagging on the screen while playing angry birds but it was really minute. Best thing about auxus Ax03 is official Google Play.

Official Google Play gives you access to the millions of androi apps. You can enjoy playing  3d games on your tablet.


Internal memory of  auxus is 8GB. Ax03 has got 1 GB DDR3 ram for faster execution. microSD card helps you to extend your memory for 16GB which makes your total memory of 24GB which is really great for any tablet.


The camera & image quality is not very great but i don't think that anyone will change his mind because of the camera. Auxus features 2 Mega Pixel camera as primary shooter. Auxus Ax03 has 0.3 Mega Pixel as secondary camera which is upto the mark but still manageable for skype & video chat.


I tested the tablet for complete day. I surfed using 3G, enjoyed angry birds & temple run, listened to music for around 2 hours & still battery lasted for whole day. I think it is really amazing for any tablet to last for 12-13 hours.

iBerry Auxus has got 4000mhz battery & as i had seen that  it lasted for a day easily in spite of my extensive testing.

Addon features: A Bonus

You can use it as a Mobile phone
Calling feature
Send SMS
Blutooth Support
mini USB port- it connected 500GB hard disk to check it. It worked perfectly.

iBerry auxus Ax03 Price

It costs just Rs.9,999 which is equivalent to $199.

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Compare LG Optimus G E970 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 - Pros & Cons

Samsung's latest flagship device Galaxy S4 is undoubtly one of the best phones of 2013. LG's tie up with Google brought Nexus and LG optimus G is sibling of google Nexus 4. It's going to be interesting to see how both the phone stands when we compare them against each other. We will also see the pros and cons of the phones.


Galaxy S4 has a bigger display of 5 inch compared to LG Optimus G E970's display which is of 4.7 inch. The Galaxy S4's display is quite sharper than Optimus G. It is 441 ppi & it has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. On the other hand, Optimus G's sharpness is just 318 ppi & possess resolution of 768 x 1280 pixels.As far as the protection is considered, both the screens have Corning gorilla glass to protect the screens but the S4 uses latest Gorilla Glass 3.

Samsung clearely gets an edge with it's awesome high definition screen and bigger display.


The Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 measures 136.6 mm lengthwise ,69.8 mm breadth wise and 7.9(5.38 mm in thickness where as The Optimus G measures 130.8 mm lengthwise , 71.6 mm breadth wise and 8.4(5.15 mm in thickness.Samsung Galaxy S4 is a lightweight phone, weighing mere 130 gms, while the LG Optimus G weighs 147.1 gms. Both the cellphones have 3.5 Audio jack to connect headphones.

Processor & Os

Both phones- Galaxy S4 & Optimus G identical Quad-core processor which is the fastest & efficient processor.Galaxy S4's processor comes with a Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset & Optimus G processor comes with a Qualcomm MDM9615M / APQ8064 chipset. Galaxy S4 has the Android OS with version v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean).Its competitor,LG Optimus G E970 has the Android OS with version v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This Operating System has already recieved v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) update.


The Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 houses 16/32/64 GB storage internal space and 2 GB RAM.The LG Optimus G has 16 GB capacity and 2 GB RAM.Galaxy S4's memory is expandable up to 64 GB using microSD and LG Optimus G's memory can be increased up to 64 GB using microSD.

Both competitors seems equivalent when it;'s about internal memory.


Galaxy S4's primary camera quality is certainly better than LG Optimus G's primary camera.LG Optimus G E970 sports primary camera with 8 mega pixel & Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 is loaded with camera of 13 mega pixels.Both the smart phones have auto focus as well as LED flash which comes

Pros and cons

Samsung S4 is a clear winner with it's outstanding display screen. S4 has better camera an and there's no match for it's CPU. Samsung's own UI which offers loads of customization is worth the every penny you pay.

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How to Hide any HTML Javascript Widget in Blogger / Blogspot

Hiding HTML Javascript Widget in Blogger or Blogspot

Very often we come across a situation in which we want some of  our widgets to be hidden. Removing them from our blog isn't a solution and that's why we need to hide them in such a way that they will be active and working. How exactly you can hide the widget ?

Lot of blogs use feedjit or flagcounters and not everyone wants to share their keywords with competitors. So what will be the best way to hide such javascript widget ? Here's quick trick.

You just need to add line of code around your existing code so nobody will be able to see it.

Let's understand this code. You are putting your html code in a new div and setting property for it.
height = 0 - sets the height to zero
width = 0 - width the height to zero
and last overflow = hidden hide the if the dive is overlapping over another div.

Pretty simple and useful huh ? 
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Nokia Lumia 620 vs Lumia 520 - Windows Phone 8 Comparison

Nokia has recently unveiled the Lumia 520 - Another budget windows phone and the specifications are very much similar to the specs of the Lumia 620 which is already has made it's name. The phones run on the identical operating system -Microsoft Windows Phone 8. Lumia 520 seems much better than it's predecessor - 510. We will be comparing the 520 vs 620 and summarize the major differences.

Display - 620 has bigger & better display

Nokia Lumia 520 has a bigger display of 4 inch compared to 620's display which is of 3.8 inch.The 620's display is quite sharper than 520. It has 246 ppi & it has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. On the other hand, 520's sharpness is around 233 ppi & possess resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Comparison shows that 620's display is bigger and still has great ppi which helps you in getting better user experience.


620 has a thickness of 11,76cc(4.54 mm & has footprint dimensions of 115.4x61.1mm. 520 is lighter weighing mere 124 gms, while the 620 weighs 127 gms. Tought the weight difference is not much, we can see some great engineering in 620. Both the cellphones have 3.5 Audio jack to connect headphones. Both Gadgets even support multi-touch functionality.

Inn terms of designing, 520 looks better with the completely rectangular edges. The curved design of 620 doesn't appeal much.

Camera - 5 Megapixel

Both phones are equipped with 5 MP shooters in the rear so nothing here to compare between 2 phone's camera. 620's primary camera has Auto Focus as well LED Flash. 520's primary camera has auto focus but lacks LED flash which comes handy when we need to capture pictures in low light. 620 sports a secondary camera with VGA, where as 520 lacks secondary camera which one of the cons of this mobile.Both the Phones are capable of shooting great videos at 720p@30fps(frames per second) & 720p@30fps respectively.

Processor & memory

Both phones-  Lumia 620 & 520 feature identical Dual-core processor which is quite efficient processor. 620's processor runs with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset where as 520 has a Qualcomm MSM8227 chipset. Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 is better and that's why Lumia 620 is more powerful device.

The 620 houses 8 GB storage internal space and 512 MB RAM.The 520 equipped with 512 MB RAM & contains 8 GB. 620's memory is expandable up to 64 GB using microSD and 520's memory can be increased up to 64 GB using microSD.

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